Termination Letter Format

Termination Letter Format


Terminating someone from their job is a difficult thing to do. For the same employers use termination letters as they are the best way to communicate with the employee, the reason for termination. A termination letter gives the employer / HR a proper chance to explain the logic behind the termination in a respectful and professional manner. The letter focuses on the facts and expresses circumstances.


XYZ Company,

First Name Last Name,

14, Sanskruti Bhavan,

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


Dear First Name,

We are writing this letter to formally notify you that you would not be required to continue as Assistant Manager with XYZ organization due to lack of work. Your position stands terminated from DD/MM/YYYY.

Your performance in the last financial year has been carefully evaluated and has not been found to be satisfactory. There has been a lack of productivity and a higher number of customer complaints. In addition to this, you have not been reporting to work on time and there have been several disciplinary issues in the past.

In light of these reasons, termination is the only possibility. Your final payment of dues including salary for I month in lieu of notice will be made to you at the end of the month. If you have any queries and wish to discuss this matter further, please feel free to connect with the HR Department.



HR Manager / Team Leader.

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